⬆︎ ARN Vol. 3 Poster –Poster for the Peinture Fraîche bookshop on the occasion of the meeting with Eric Tabuchi and Nelly Monnier around the release of volume 3 of the Atlas of Natural Regions.

⇡ Discovering garden cities - Le Logis and Floréal
– In 2021, the municipality of Watermale-Boitsfort contacted me to design a guide for visitors who come to visit the two garden cities, Le logis and Le Floréal in Watermael-Boitsfort.

⇫ Villas – Realization of a book compiling the work carried out by the students of Bachelor 3 and Master 1 of the Workshop « Unité de Production » at the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta ULB. From November 2015 to January 2016, the students worked on the theme of the villa. This book presents the evolution of their work.

☝︎ Electric Brine
Lettering done during my internship at Atelier Brenda for Jennifer Teets‘ book Electric Brine.

↑ Missel of the 40 – This book offers a critical reading of the book « L’art d’être chef » (The Art of Being a Leader), written by Gaston Courtois, a French clergyman, and published in 1940. « L’art d’être chef » is a collection of 673 maxims and thoughts about being or becoming a good leader. Noting the absence of women, both in the subject and in the group of people it is designed for, I decided to confront this same text with forty portraits of women with an unusual destiny. 20 women portraits are related to the date of publication of the book. The other 20 appear in the form of inserts, as if they had been collected over time. Through these portraits, the book displays 24 centuries of women’s struggle to gain access to the same rights as men. Finally, it is in the form of a missal that I decided to share this patriarchal rhetoric on the art of being a leader and the unusual life and destiny of these women.

⤉ CB7 – Logo for CB7, construction company

Lettres métissées is the name I gave to my graduation project. This reflection on the links that unite or disunite the Latin and the Arabic alphabet began while I was participating in an exchange programme in the Fine Art Academy of Beirut (Lebanon). In this project, I mainly questioned how alphabets and languages can influence each other, and studied various topics like what we call today Arabizi (writing Arabic with Latin script), or the competition that was launched during the XXe century by the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo in order to reform the Arabic script, but also how Latin script spread during colonization.

⇞ Beulemans Regula – Beulemans is a type-design project about one of Brussels dialect (Beulemans).

Solutions for healtcare – Logo for S4H, pharmaceutical innovation company

⤊ ZMN code – The final issue of my diploma project was the design of a font for a phonetic alphabet created in 2003 by a French company director. The ZMN code is a new writing system resulting from the crossbreeding of the Latin and Arabic alphabets. The letters are those of the French alphabet but the logic is that of the Arabic language : vowel sounds are represented by accents. R. Zamani first thought of this project as a tool which could help his father, born in Morocco, to learn how to read and write French easily. The ZMN code can be used in a pedagogical or playful dimension.
With this system, he bets on learning French thanks to a radical simplification of its spelling.

Encyclopedia of ParasitologyDesign of an encyclopedia dedicated to parasites and parasitology principles.

Dialogues, from afarBorn from the collaboration between a typographer and a printmaker, this project is the material form of a collection of words spoken during conversations. Of bits and pieces from personal stories around the themes of cultural heritage and language. The words, printed on textile, meet through the use of translucency and color. By playing with layers, « Dialogues, de loin » (« Dialogues, from afar ») offers to the viewer a multitude of ways to read what was said. The fluidity of the material, the inherent grid of the textile, the empty space, the letters, are all part of this piece where text leaves the traditional page and finds itself scattered into space.